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Gerz Switzerland Lidded Stein
Cat No: Gerz-Switzerland-Lidded-Stein

Gerz Switzerland Lidded Stein

Measures: Closed, 9 and 1/2 inches tall to tip of man on lid. Open it Measures: 5 and 1/2 inches, depth is same. Diameter measures at top, 3 and 1/4 inches. The design on front in center is of Switzerland flag, the designs around the center flag is believed to be shields or crests, but I am not sure of this. I am not sure if this is a special event such as a National Sports, or if it represents the country of Switzerland and/or family crests or shields. Extensive research proved to show nothing on this particular stein. The inner lid has: Gerz 94 percent sign Zinn and a symbol of what looks to be possibly a king? with a sword, the photograph of the inner lid should show the symbol fairly well for you to view. The stein I believe to be of a porcelain material, it is a light greyish green or with a greenish tint, and a high gloss shine to it. The lidded figure of a man holding what looks to be an ax? and has his arm around a small girl. Sort of reminds you of a farther coming home after a days work, the child meeting him along the way. It is very nice, and I'd love to have the history on this, but after days and days of extensive research all I found was something a little similar of the lid, and it was called a tobby. However, my research did not bring up any near like this stein. It is in like new condition, and is quite lovely on display. I don't think it was ever used, it doesn't look like it anyways. The bottom of the stein has GERMANY inscribed into it. I have made additional photographs of the stein for you to view and have included them in this category. I only have one of these, and the ordering thru Paypal is available on this main entry only.

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