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Japanese Signed Geisha Shadow Boxes, 4-Pc Set
Cat No: J-S-Geisha-SB-4-Pc-Set

Japanese Signed Geisha Shadow Boxes, 4-Pc Set

This is the first picture within the catalog of the set of 4 individual Japanese Geisha shadow box artwork. I will give the measuresments and description of each piece on this first entry, there will be other entries of the item to view as well but without the description. Please use this main entry page for ordering. Note we only have one of this set. It is vintage, but I do not know how old the pieces are and I cannot read the language of the signature of the artist.

The larger two Geisha boxes measures: 23" x 10 and 3/4". The smaller two Geisha boxes measures: 13" x 8". Each of the four individual Geisha doll's are signed by the same artist, I believe, signature look's the same anyways, but I can't read the language of the signatures, or the seal of the artist and or artist's. I only know english!

Notice, that the "fan" that the Geisha girl is holding in the smaller size with the blue Kimono, is also signed by the artist. I am not sure whether the picture will show that clearly or not so I wanted to point that out. I have researched many hours to try to find a set as this, and have yet seen one. I have seen only two sort of like the one of the larger Geisha doll's, and one of the smaller Geisha doll's, but nothing exact, and not a set of 4 or a pair even.

Now to describe the Geisha dolls within the glassed framed boxes. The first picture of the Geisha dolls in the picture above, far left as I will call the larger Geisha doll number one for this description: Velvet black backing on the frame which is a thickness of 1 and 1/2". Black lacquer around the sides, top and bottom of the frame. A small hook is on the back of each of the frames for hanging. The background within is a gold color with a signature of the artist, and the red seal is on the right about where the Kimono starts to flow to the bottom. The doll looks to be a very fine bisque, or porcelain, with handpainted mouth and eyebrows, and looks to have glass eyes. The hair from my research I believe to be real, and there is an ornament of red, white tied bow accenting her hairpiece. She is a flat doll, or I believe to have only a bisque or porcelain head and hands, her body is clothed with a beautiful black with gold trimming Kimono, a white rope like tying around her sash, the black Kimono is trimmed in red as well.

Now to describe the second of the larger Geisha Doll's ( which would be the middle doll in the picture above ). The backing on this Geisha shadow box is a cardboard like material, it is not velvet as the first one. The measurements ar the same as the above first description, and is enclosed in glass as well. The background within this Geisha shadow box is a creamy off color, with white like flowers blooming on tree branches, and the pedals drifting slowly downward. The signature of the artist as well as the red seal is the same as the above description, and on the lower right of the backing. The Geisha doll is a very finely detailed bisque or porcelain, face and hands do not show in this one. Her Kimono is not as the pictures pick up color. The picture looks more of a greenish color, and there is highlights of green within the material, but it is rather a gold where the green shows the material has the gold highlights with flowers of a green and rose color. The Kimono is trimmed in red as the other one. Her sash is tied with a rope like material. Her face is handpainted, eyebrows and mouth, and she has glass eyes. Her hair I believe to be real, again based on my research, and she has a red tipped bow within her hair piece. Her face is also "flat" I don't know what else to call it. There aren't fully made dolls.

Now to describe the first of the two smaller Geisha Shadow Boxes. Top upper right, Geisha with a Blue Kimono. Measures: 13 x 8 inches. The backing of this Geisha Shadow box has the velvet backing. I don't know for sure, but I think this small Geisha may be a part of the first Geisha of the larger one with the velvet backing. Even though these could possibly be two sets of two, I am selling them as one set of four. This Geisha doll is also flat and has a very fine bisque or porcelain face and hand, holding a fan. Notice that the fan this Geisha is holding is also signed by the artist, I hope it shows in the pictures. She has painted eyebrows, mouth, and her eyes look to be glass as well as the others. Her hair I believe to be real, and she has a white rose accenting her hair piece and a red and silver trim around the end of her hair. She is wearing blue with white trim Kimono, with a red sash? possibly lying to the bottom right of her, as if she placed it there just so she could fan herself! The signature of the artist as well as the red seal is at the lower right of the backing. The fan with the artist signature and red seal, has what looks to be a design of possibly a bird? under a branching tree. She is holding the fan in her hand. Again this is a "flat" porcelain or bisque Geisha doll in a glass enclosed shadow box.

Now describing the last of the set, the second smaller Geisha doll which shows in the above picture far right bottom: Same measuresments as the first smaller Geisha doll. The backing on this one is a velvet material. The background within the box is a creamy off white, beige color, with the signature and seal of the artist at the "left" of the doll. All signatures and seal look to be the same as I mentioned above. This Geisha doll has very fine bisque or porcelain face and hand. Handpainted eyes and mouth, with again what I believe to be real hair and glass eyes. Her hair piece is accented with a pink rose like flower on one side and a white rose like flower on the other. Her Kimono is a red with green and white flowers, and gold highlights. Her Kimono is trimmed in white, and it looks like her sash of a black with blue flower design and gold highlights is to the back of her Kimono sort of to the side. Again she is a "flat" bisque or porcelain Geisha girl doll. Very beautifully designed with fine detailings. I believe these Geisha girl dolls could represent actual Geisha girls but I just can't read the language to research in the detail I would love to. I have researched enough to know that these aren't found everywhere, or I would have the information I want on these interesting asian works of art. Anyone willing to send me email letting me know what they might know of these lovely Geisha dolls I would most appreciate the history to include here.

Now there will be several pictures added to this category, just so I can include the separate pictures of the Geisha dolls, and the artist signature and red seal, at a closer view as well. There will be no info on those pages, this first entry to the catalog on these Geisha Shadow Box dolls will have the detailing and ordering link.

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