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Oriental Vases Large Wall Art 4-Pc Set View 7
Cat No: Oriental-Vases-LG-W-Art-4-Pc-Set

Oriental Vases Large Wall Art 4-Pc Set View 7

This is view 7 of the Oriental Vases Large Wall Art 4-Pc Set.

Each Panel Measures: 36" x 12". This 4-Pc Oriental Artwork is designed as different vases with different floral accents and different accents of objects in each individual panel. The material I am not sure of, but believe to be possibly a mixture of soapstone, jade, and coral, here again I am not sure if this is the material it actually is created with, but this is my personal opinion after much researching on Oriental and Asian Art. Each design for example, the flowers within the vases, the accents of other objects within the artwork is a raised design, very finely detailed, and when placed with a 3 to 5 inch spacing, takes up a considerable amount of wall space. I am showing different photographs, at different angles and close up shots for you to view. However, ordering thru PayPal will be on the main entry page only.

The pieces are in great condition considering age, with a very little of the black lacquer trimming along the piece's outer border having a few flaking spots, the photographs should show this up, however it is so minor it isn't noticeable to me.

It is not signed art work, I don't know the creator or the company this may have originated thru. The age however would be more than 15 years but to actual age I don't know.. I know the person that I obtained these thru had them for over that many years, and was told that they were considerable age when they received them. So history, artist, and such I can't give, nor the real material this is made of, however it is a beautiful accent to a large wall. Finely detailed, lovely colors, and unique designs. Beautiful.

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