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Canal At Haarlem, by Artist Springer
Cat No: Canal-at-Haarlem-artist-Springer

Canal At Haarlem, by Artist Springer

Measures Framed: 44" x 36". Beautiful artwork by artist Springer. Plated on front of the frame: Canal at Haarlem, Springer. This is in a heavy frame work. Label on the back reads: A Windsor Art Product, with a Crown Marking, IM Copyright. IBM# V816104914 ... Canal At Haarl E, Windsor Art Products, Illinois Moulding Co., Windsor ART Products, Chicago, Illinois, 60609, Pico Rivera, California 90660, Made in USA. #347, #122, #219. The sun seems to shine between the buildings reflecting a breezy somewhat stormy sky. People are bustling about, and horses in front of main buildings. This is beautiful with certain light accenting it, otherwise it looks to be quite dark. With certain light reflecting the piece, it comes alive! It is a fairly large piece of artwork, beautifully detailed, and looks wonderful on a larger wall area. A heavily framed piece of art as well. There is either writing or possibly signature lower left of the painting, but I cannot read it without taking the picture out of the frame and I don't want to do that which might would mess up the backing on it. I don't know if this is a reproduction, a lithograph, possibly, and I don't know it's age. Never-the-less it is a wonderfully detailed and beautiful painting with an exceptionally heavy gilt? frame. I took a side angle for the picture, as the camera had too heavily a reflection when trying to take the picture with a complete front shot. I will also a photograph of the back of the picture for your viewing, however ordering for this item thru PayPal will only be on this main entry page.

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