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Original Litho Dino Massaroni Sierra Sunrise
Cat No: Orig-Litho-Dino-Massaroni-Sierra-Sunrise

Origianl Lithograph Dino Massaroni Sierra Sunrise

Measures: 24 x 15". UNFRAMED. Beautiful 80's artwork done by Dino Massaroni. Signature on lower left and copyright symbol, dated 1989. Lower right has Printed in USA. Has a copy of tiny marks, doesn't detract from the painting, and should show up in the photograph I have included on this. The picture is on thin cardboard like paper, and has come separate from the cardboard at lower left corner. However this also does not detract from the painting itself. Comes unframed... I have a copy ( not the original certificate of ownership ) which reads as follows:

Certificate of Ownership ....United States Commemtorative Fine Arts Gallery hereby valadates that an official record of your ownership of the geniune lithograph of "Sierra Sunrise" is maintained on the official registry at the entrance to the registry rotunda of the United States Commemorative Fine Art Gallery......Your authentic reproduction is from the fine oil painting as painted by the famous 20th century artist, D. John Massaroni and on file as such....
In witness thereof, the seal of the United State Commemorative Fine Art Gallery is hereby official.....signed----George C. Henderson, President.....
United States Commemorative Fine Art Gallery.....( and there is the gold seal ) as well as a number lower left of certificate: 00174. At the very top of the certificate corner upper left: ( what looks like appraisal value, a word before this that I can't make out, and the $4,500.00 ). Because I do not have the original gold seal that was once on the back of the lithograph, nor the original certificate, only a copy that I took when I first received this lithograph. This is personally my own, so I am the original owner of the lithograph reproduction. It originally had a lovely frame, that I purchased when I received it, however, it was broken in a move that I did. So it comes unframed. If the true value of the lithograph is 4500.00, back at that time when I received it, I don't know if it appreciated thur the years or not. However I am only asking 400.00 for it as it is, unframed, without the original papers and seal.

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