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J. L. Peyton, The Old Willows
Cat No: J-L-Peyton-Painting

J. L. Peyton, The Old Willows

Size: 14 x 11, UNFRAMED. Painting is of landscape. Signed J. L. Peyton, lower bottom on right of painting. Date of painting is unknown. I believe personally, that this is an original watercolor painting by this artist, as when scanning the closeup of the signature, you can see the raised painting, and not the same as compared with a lithograph, however it could possibly be a lithograph. However this is a personal opinion and not a professional one. This painting came from an estate clearance and from information received at the time I acquired it, the couple had this painting many years, most likely from the early 60's or even earlier. But since I don't know where or when this painting was acquired by the previous owner's, I have no sure ideal as to it's history or dating, or of the artist that did the artwork.

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