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Jason Burnham Painting, 1983
Cat No: Jason-Burnham-Painting-1983

Jason Burnham Painting, 1983 No Longer Available

Measures: 10 x 13 inches. Framed in wood, which has a rich patina coloring to the wooden frame. The below information is what was given to me by appraiser, Dr. J. Darragh, M. Elliott, when I submitted this painting for appraisal, along with his comments and appraisal....

" The painting itself is in very fine condition, with only a couple of very light scratches eveident. One is about 1/4 of an inch upper mid section, another about 1/2 inch close to the same area, however these look to be brush lines rather than scratches. The back brown paper cover is where the tears are in the brown paper of which 2 are about 3 inches long, and one about the size of 1x1 inch. The canvas painting has no tears anywhere on it. The photograph which is of the painting, from the Southern Living August 1982, is taped to the back and measures 6 x 8 inches. It has a tear of about 1 inch at the very top near the print and a missing section to mid right top of about 2 inches x 1 and 1/2 inches. The gold label which is from the framing shop, is on the lower bottom of the brown paper backing and is in excellent condition.

I don't know if the artist has been published or is a famous artist. I am researching to find this out. I know however, because there is a photograph of the painting that this artist did, on the back of the painting, taped to the brown outer cover, from Southern Living Magazine dated August 1982, that this painting by Jason Burnham is of the picture photographed in the Magazine. There is a date Feb., 22, 1983, and the artist name: Jason Burnham, written on the inside back of the frame. The brown paper cover had to be separated from the frame's back at the bottom and sides in order to find that out. JASON is also painted in lettering on the inside back of the canvas. The word: FREDIX and the number 20, and 11 are also on the inside back frame. The gold label attached to the backing has: Ran Lou Frame & Moulding Co., Inc, 620 Noble Street Anniston, AL, 36201, and a phone number: (205) 236-3314. The canvas painting measures: 10 x 13 inches and is a wood frame. Jason Burnham is in print at the lower bottom corner in the right of the painting. The painting is of trees, a river, and trees on the other side of the river, and sky. In the photograph on the back, a air balloon, this is not painted in the canvas print in full view, just seems to be a tiny part of the balloon that shows in the one side of the painting, in sort of a brownish red coloring, the balloon hasn't yet reached the end of the trees, toward the water, or that is how I see it. The rest of the painting itself, looks like the photograph clipping attached in tape on the back of the painting.
Appraised by Dr. J. Darragh M. Elliott

Appraiser Comments: You have a very nice painting. Unfortunately, the artist is not a listed artist in so far as having a record for previous sales. Therefore, the value has been determined by comparing your painting to others with known values that are similar. See works by Maurice Canning Wilks. Current Fair Market Value: $2,500.00 ....Replacement Value: $3,200.00....All values are in U.S. currency.

Note: You may view eight photographs of this painting by going to the following url:

Download may take a few minutes as these digital photographs are not altered nor reduced in size for web pages. You will see a photograph of the back of the painting, with the Southern Living Magazine ( picture ) attached to the back of the frame, with Jason Burnham's name, and a date, and Jason printed in the very center of the backing of the canvas. A photograph of the label from the framing shop in AL who framed this beautiful canvas painting. These are full page views of the painting.

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