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Leach AWS DF Watercolor
Cat No: Leach-AWS-DF-Watercolor

Leach AWS DF Watercolor

Measures: 23 and 1/2 inches wide, and 16 inches tall, UNFRAMED. Leach AWS DF, is what the signature looks like to me, on this lovely painting. A watercolor painting, I believe. The scene is of mountains, with light thin wispy clouds, two eagles in flight, and a serene river or lake scene, with a gentle flowing waterfall. The scene looks to be of a late autumn or winter season, as the trees are mostly bare of leaves, but the evergreens are full of color. A lovely calming and peaceful art display. There is about 1/4 tear on the left center corner of the painting, but does not show when placed within a frame, and the tear is such that it blends together. I did not want to tape it closed. I am not sure, but believe that this watercolor was done by an artist of the American Art Society, as some researching indicated such.

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