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Karl Neumann Oil on Canvas
Cat No: Karl-Neumann-Oil-On-Canvas

Karl Neumann Oil On Canvas

Measures in the frame: 24 x 28". Oil on canvas within the frame measures: 16 x 20. Beautiful artwork of trees, and sky with a stream seemingly lit up by the sunlight effect of the colors of this painting. Is is truely lovely. All I could find out about this artist in my research was ( with the spelling of his signature as Karl Neumann ), Karl Neumann, American Artist 20th Century. Birth 1891, death 1985. There were many paintings by a Neumann with the first name spelled as Carl, however, since this painting is signed by the artist as Karl Neumann, I am assuming they are different people? I did read on one art site that Karl Neumann, also signed as Carl Neumann, I don't know this to be a fact. This painting looks to be an original oil, you can see the oil on the canvas. The frame is beautiful as well and quite unique. The black border around the inner frame and the picture is of velvet! and the frame is a rich golden brown which goes so lovely with the colors of this art. I am including a close up view of this painting, for you to view, however ordering thru PayPal will only be on this main entry page.

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