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Lithograph Art by Jim Daly
Cat No: Lithograph-Art-by-Jim-Daly

Lithograph Art by Jim Daly

Measures: 8 x 10 UNFRAMED. A lithograph artwork by artist Jim Daly. Signed Jim Daly. Has at lower bottom left of picture: Stapco, N.Y. On the bottom right it has: Litho In U.S.A. There may be a date on the left right before the word Stapco, N.Y., but if it is I cannot make it out, it so blends with the colors. I researched this for days, and found many of Mr. Daly's beautifully done artwork, but could not find this particular one. Not even a poster of it. I am sure there is a title to this painting, by what I saw in my researching of his other works, but again I couldn't find it. The litho is lovely, and sweet. A boy that has been painting a white picket fence, takes a break to look down upon another boy, who is fast asleep under a tree! Very pretty.

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