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Signed Painting by Huey J. Theus, School Days
Cat No: Theus-School-Days-35

Signed Painting by Huey J. Theus, School Days

Measures: 10 and 3/4 x 8 and 3/4 inches. A beautiful painting of an old country school house. A water pump, fencing, flag flying in the wind, very light powdering of snow, clouds, and a few buildings off in the background. Bottom border has: The Past Remembered, on the left, School Days on the bottom right border, and is Double Signed by Huey J. Theus. UNFRAMED. Ready for framing, good condition.

A little history about Huey J. Theus:
Huey J. Theus was born and raised in the small south Georgia town of Cordele. His childhood recollections of rural scenes, some of infinite beauty and others abject poverty, are reflected in his work with an amazing degree of sensitivity. What began as a hobby became a serious matter in the early 1970's. He studied the various techniques of many painters before developing his own original style. At the same time he was experimenting with various art media before deciding that acrylics were best suited to his technique. His artistic depictions of pastoral scenes are rich in color and detail. In addition, his treatment of space, depth and symmetry combine to create an individual style without parallel. His paintings have won various awards including a resolution honoring his work by the Georgia State Senate. He may never reach his zenith because improvement is the keynote of his efforts. Huey is a member of the South Cobb Art Alliance and served as the head of the Art Department at Mount Caramel Christian Church in Decatur, Georgia. In addition, he is the Marketing Director for the Georgia Department of Labor. His color-lithographed prints and pen and ink drawings both limited and unlimited number in the millions and are sold nationwide.

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