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Splendor of Nature #2 Signed F. Massa, Oval
Cat No: Splendor-of-Nature-No-2-Signed-F-Massa-Oval

Splendor of Nature #2 Signed F. Massa, Oval

Measures: 21" x 13 and 1/2" at widest point in oval. Signed by F. Massa, and has printed on bottom: #2 by F. Massa.... ( the rest is not included, most likely because someone made oval hangings of this artwork? It is signed FMassa near the bottom middle, just under the leaves. There are tiny staple like holes around the oval shape and a piece at edge of left upward oval shape about 1/4 inch that has a tear in it, yet it is still attached and it would be under a frame, once it is placed in a frame. This comes UNFRAMED.

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