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Japanese Ceremonial Tea Cup Saucer Set
Cat No: Japanese-Ceremonial-T-S-Set

Japanese Ceremonial Tea Cup Saucer Set

Measures: tea cups-each, 2 and 3/4" deep, with a 2 and 1/2" diameter at top, Spoons Measure: 3 and 1/2" in length, and about 1/2" at fullest point of the spoon. Saucers each measures: 3 and 3/4" in diameter, and has a depth of little less that 1/4". The ( extra tea cup included that is not a part of the set, Measures: 2 and 1/2" in diameter, and has a depth of 3 and 1/2" ).

Since the designs are not exact in each cup and saucer of this beautiful black lacquer ceremonial tea cup and saucer set, I will add additional photographs of each cup and saucer, so there will be a total of 12 photographs for this set for you to view. However full description and ordering will be on this main entry page only.

In researching this set I could not find a set to compare with, I found several cup and saucer but not a complete black lacquer set exactly like this set. This is not made of porcelain, it is what I think a hard plastic material with black lacquer and hand painted art work on each piece. No piece seems to be exactly alike, that is why I am including individual photo's of each piece. Made in Japan is stamped on each of the saucer's, but no marking is on the cups that I can find. The extra cup ( which does not go to the set, but that is being included with this set, has Newington Conn, Hand Painted, Made in Occupied Japan, Crockery, Imoorfers, and has a picture of a rooster in the circle of it, at least that is how it looks to me. There is only ( 4 ) spoons to the set.

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