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Vietnamese 4-Pc Wall Art View of Panel 4
Cat No: Vietnamese-4-Pc-Wall-Art

Vietnamese 4-Pc Wall Art View of Panel 4

This is view 4 of the 4-Pc Panel set.

Measure of each panel: 13 and 3/4 " x 4 and 3/4". A Beautiful set of 4, Vietnamese lacquare wall art set. One panel has on the back of it a label taped on it which reads: Tranh: NGU Tieu Canh Muc, Style: Can oe, Number: LV- ( and what looks like an upside down v with a curve on it, and this is also on each panel by itself, the LV- upside down v with a curve ), Size: 12 x 35 cm. Now I measured each panel by inches, but the actual size they have is in cm. There is a upside down shape v as a hook on the back of eahc of the panels and the other three of them has a wire formed in sort of the same shape as the first one I mentioned for hanging. The panels each have a different scene, on a beautiful black lacquer background and in closely looking ( the photograph I have included may not show this clearly ), has both a silver and golden highlight to the design and it's in certain light the designs look lite! I don't know what materials are in the design, but on researching, I believe them to be possibly silver and maybe gold for the highlights, howeve I cannot be certain of that. I have not come to one set like this in all my researching on the item. I first thought them to be Japanese, but once I started researching the item, I found them to be Vietnamese. The panels of each I believe tells a story or represent's one. Fishing for example, wood cutting, plowing, and herding. Some information I found in researching this is below.

Fishing: fishing persons. Sub: he forest cutting wood.
Geng: the plowing. Category: guys herd.
Ngu tieu canh muc la' 4 thu' vui cua nguoi an si, goi la' Tu thu':
Cau ca', don cui rung, cay ruong, chan trau.
Section 4 is beside the fishing pastime hermit, known as the
Four fun: Fishing, forest cutting wood, plowing, herd.
Ngu: nhu ong Khuong Thuong ngoi cau o Ban thach.
Fishing: Khuong Thuong as he sat at table rock questions.
Tieu: nhu ong Chung Tu Ky di don cui rung hang ngay.
Primary: autism as he went cutting wood forest daily.
Canh: nhu ong Ngu Thuan di cay o Lich Son.
Soup: Yu Shun as he goes plowing in History Painting.
Muc: nhu ong Sao Phu chan trau o song Dich thuy.
Category: Government Chao as his herd in river water service.
Cac hoa si thoi xua cung thich dung 4 canh nay de ve tranh va lam tho ngam vinh:
The artist also prefers to use old 4 this scene painting and poetry to recite:
Canh nguoi cau ca ngoi tren chiec thuyen nan giua song nuoc bao la.
Landscape of fishing boats sitting on the river immense difficulty.
Canh ong tieu len rung donn cui, vac bo cui tro ve.
His primary forest scene on the cutting wood, carrying bundles of firewood back.
Canh nong phu cay runon voi con trau giua dong.
Landscape with farmer plowing between the buffalo.
Canh cac muc dong ngoi lung trau thoi sao.
Landscape of shepherds sat back buffalo flute.\

As a traditional fine art which goes back many years in Vietnam though no one knows for sure how many, Vietnamese lacquerware was handed down from generation to generation as a family secret until the first half of the 20th century when the renovation in the field led by excellent artists of Indochina Fine Arts school in Hanoi made the occupation popular not only in Vietnam but also all over the world.

Since then, the legend of Vietnamese lacquerware has really come true. Many generations of lacquer artists have gradually enhanced the quality of Vietnamese lacquerware in the last seventy years; discovering new materials to add to the palette of colored lacquers, the method of mixing various colors, the process of creating the lacquerware and particularly the technique of rubbing the lacquerware in water. Vietnamese lacquer art, however, is an extremely time consuming and labor- intensive work; Vietnamese lacquerware is the hard work of many people: Lacquer artist, lacquer painters, and many workers who shed their sweat to the fullest spending over 100 days through 20 stages to create the Vietnamese lacquerware. As a result, every Vietnamese lacquerware bears the feelings of its creator: flexibility, complexity and variety. The lacquerware seems to carry something now appears, now disappears passionately, ardently and magically. Many artists always say that the first time they really saw the lacquer, it was it's blackness that impressed them. It is the black of the universe holding all things and having incredible depth to it.

Each a different village scene, Impressionistic in style, painted on wood and then treated and polished with sap from a lacquer tree. They were stunningly luminous, laced with gold and silver gilt as well as crushed eggshell. The effect was like looking at a detailed painting under a thin, still puddle of water.

There is an enormous amount of information on the web, for asian artwork. This is absolutely lovely both in it's color effects, and the details of the art work. I did find that the words Tranh, means paintings, Tieu means Sub, Canh means scene, and Mua means summer, however on the label it looks to be Muc, but could be an a that doesn't show its line. I will include individual photographs of the 4-pc set, however ordering thru PayPal will be on the main entry page only. This is sold as a "set".

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