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Asian, Artist Signed Cranes Wall Art, 2-Pc Set
Cat No: Asian-Artist-Signed-Cranes-W-Art-2-Pc-Set

Asian, Artist Signed Cranes Wall Art, 2-Pc Set

Measures Each Glassed Shadow Box: 23 and 1/2" x 8 and 3/4", with a depth of 1 and 3/4". This is a glassed shadow box signed art work. I believe the birds within each art box are Cranes, but if not they are however a type of bird. I have done extensive amount of research on all our Japanese, Asian and Oriental entries, and have not as yet found any identical, or even near like the treasures I offer within this category of my catalog. I believe these to be fairly rare pieces, especially the signed ones. This art work is behind glass, signed by the artist ( in either Japanese or other oriental signature style ), I cannot read it! It is a 3-dimensional like work of art. Very finely detailed. There is a tiny piece which has fallen off of one which looks to be possibly one of the leaves, is about 3/4 of an inch laying inside of the bottom of the box. I have added additional photographs for you to view, please note that we have only ONE SET of this item for ordering.

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